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What's your warranty policy?

Tribal Whips offers a 12 month limited warranty against manufacturers defects and craftsmanship.  For warranty assistance, contact our customer service dept. during the normal hours of operation and have the damaged / defective product in hand / present. 

What type of liquid is inside my NightStalker whip?

The NightStalker series LED whips are filled with food grade glycerine.  If your whip has lost fluid, contact our customer service dept. for assistance.  The liquid protects the internal LED string from being damaged by the vibration of the vehicle and movement of the whip.

What's the difference between 2D, 3D and Tribal X whips?

The GEM series and Aurora series LED whips are available in 2D and 3D styles. 2D whips are made with 2 vertically mounted LED strips, and 3D whips are made with 3 vertically mounted LED strips. It goes without saying that the 3D version is brighter, because of the extra string of LEDs, and also visible for a true 360 degrees. The new Tribal X whips are a wrapped style whip, but with a hard poly carbonate shell to protect the LEDs from impacts and strikes. Tribal X whips are also visible for a true 360 degress, and offer a more dynamic experience.

What app do I need to download for my Aurora multi-colored LED whips?

Our bluetooth controlled whips use the Mystique animator series, which is now offered in Mystique 2.0.  The original Mystique animator works with the "LED Magic" app, and the Mystique 2 animator works with "LED Hue".  Animators are marked on the outside with their model and type.

When will my order ship?

Most orders are shipped the next business day.  If you placed your order online, you'll receive tracking information as soon as your order has been processed.

What's the difference between the "Classic", "Xtreme" and "Whipzilla" whips?

Classic whips were the original NightStalker whip, and visible for up to 2 miles.  Our Xtreme LED whip has 2x the LEDs of the Classic whip and visible for up to 3 miles.  The Whipzilla whips have more than 5x the LEDs of the Classic and visible for >4 miles.

Can I order the black caps and / or grommets online?

Unfortunately, we don't offer those items on our website.  If you need to purchase them, please contact our customer service dept. during their normal hours of operation.  However, they are available in our "grab bag" kit, or "replacement flag" kits online.